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ToothWave package includes –

1 ToothWave handle
2 size replaceable extra-soft brush heads (small and large)
1 charging cradle with USB cable + transparent base
1 USB wall adapter
1 warranty booklet
1 user manual
Might also include:
1 Whitening Challenge leaflet,
and 1 Tips leaflet

Brush twice a day for 2 minutes each time. Wet the brush and apply a generous amount of toothpaste (any toothpaste), long-press the button, and then short-press to choose your preferred setting. Brush each section of your mouth for 30 sec. (a special buzz will remind you to move to the next section). After 2 minutes the brush will shut off automatically. Wash it under running water, and store or charge for the next time.

DentalRF effect of ToothWave doesn’t rely on mechanical action, but rather on electrochemical principals. The toothpaste acts as a vital DentalRF agent, which means that a generous amount of toothpaste should be applied. DentalRF works without vigorous brushing. Brush gently, applying a manual brushing technique. Pay particular attention to Tartar buildup and stains. When spotted, place TW steadily (RF without vibration) on the problematic spot for extra 30 sec.

No, it doesn’t matter, you may choose a toothpaste according to your preference

DentalRFTM patented technology is a dental care concept recognizing that mechanical brushing is not the only option in tackling stubborn impurities, and that well established electrochemical principles can also be employed to the task.

ToothWave benefits include reduction on existing tartar (calculus), teeth shade improvement and stain reduction as well as the reduction of gum inflammation and bleeding.

To many first-time users, ToothWave’s bristles and vibrations feel more gentle.
The brush bristles are softer, and therefore the mechanical action sensation is less noticeable.
Lastly, when using ToothWave the toothpaste tends to form more foam in the mouth.

Be patient, DentalRF results may not be immediate. Clinical trials showed that it takes between 4 to 6 weeks to experience clear results.

After regular brushing, set to RF only (no vibration), apply new toothpaste generously and hold staidly on the problematic spot.

ToothWave’s safety has been tested in a series of clinical studies, and it had been cleared for use in the following countries: USA (FDA), Canada (Health Canada), Europe (CE), Israel (Amar), China, Japan, Australia.

Nevertheless, ToothWave may not be right for you. Always read and follow the label!

Do not use ToothWave on children below the age of 18. Supervision recommended when used by persons with special needs. Also, do not use ToothWave if you are pregnant, nursing, have an active implant, have any medical condition related to the immune system or to cancer (for details please refer to the Contraindications clause in the User Manual).

Yes, ToothWave is safe for use with implants, fillings and braces.

ToothWave had not been tested or cleared for use on subjects under 18 years old. It is therefore intended only for adults.

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